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Education Director and Trial Consultant Olivia Espinosa

As a career theater artist, I wear many hats- actor, playwright, director, and educator. In the last decade, I've used all my talents to help attorneys become better storytellers and trial advocates. Contributing to over $38.1 million in awards since 2022. I graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. In 2019, I was nominated for best supporting performer in a play by BroadwayWorld San Diego. I'm an honored recipient of Oregon Shakespeare Festival's most prestigious award, the Phil Killian Directing Fellowship. As an assistant director, I have learned from some of the country's most acclaimed directors including Tony Award Winner, Tina Landau. I know storytelling.

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Essential tools for the trial lawyer!

Susie Injijian

This on-demand course is simply fantastic! In clear and well organized segments, Olivia walks you through how a professional writer/director/actor would desi...

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This on-demand course is simply fantastic! In clear and well organized segments, Olivia walks you through how a professional writer/director/actor would design and deliver a compelling opening statement. The content offered is 100% applicable to the demands of an opening statement and, if followed, is guaranteed to result in captivating the audience and preparing them to hear the evidence through the eyes of the presenter. This is the definitive guide to elevating an opening statement from mediocre to outstanding. I will be rewatching these lessons again and again, and am grateful to have this invaluable resource whenever I need it. Thank you, Olivia and Steve!

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What Lawyers Say

  • Mark C.

    Olivia is one of the best editors and framers of communication that I've come across any where. (Personal Injury Attorney)

  • Bibi B.

    I am a habitual note reader. I've never learned how to put it down and speak and engage with my audience effectively. Learning from actors and what they do, I've been able to take a bit of that on. I haven't looked at my notes in court since. (Barrister)

  • Roger K.

    I am grateful for your help in the performance aspect of the case. It was invaluable. I would like to call on you again in the future for the next one! (Personal Injury Attorney)

5-Day Course

Take it at Your Own Pace!

  1. Acting for Trial Lawyers 100: From Page to Prep

The Details

  • $149.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What You'll Learn

No gimmicks. Just real methods.

  • The #1 killer of credibility... and how to AVOID IT

  • The 3 storytelling rules that keep your audience engaged

  • How to stop sounding rehearsed- no more robotic presentations

  • Time-saving tools to familiarize and memorize your script

  • Techniques to make complex concepts understandable to your listener

  • A plan for presenting opening statements- for the rest of your career

The Perks!

Included with the purchase Acting for Trial Lawyers: 100 From Page to Prep

  • Community

    Gain access to our community of like-minded attorneys and dedicated trial coaches. Post questions, celebrate your successes and get exclusive offers for upcoming programs.

  • Prep Sheets

    Each lesson comes with a downloadable PDF with step-by-step exercises to instantly transform your real life opening statement. (you can't get it wrong!)

  • Lifetime Access

    Complete the 5-day program, then revisit and review the material as much as you want! Bonus resources are yours forever.

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  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Acting for Trial Lawyers 100 comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! You can participate in the course for up to 2 full lessons (Day 1 & Day 2), and if you do the work and honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please email [email protected] with your completed coursework for all available Acting for Trial Lawyers 100 lessons to receive a full refund. Questions or Concerns? Email [email protected] and we'll be glad to help.

  • Is this course good for all types of attorneys?

    Although we primarily work with plaintiff’s, family, and criminal defense trial lawyers, we believe this course will improve any lawyer’s ability to present an engaging narrative to their fact-finders. Our participants have spanned 30 states, Canada and the UK.

  • Can I do one-on-one work with you?

    Absolutely! After you've completed Acting for Trial Lawyers 100, the next step is the "on your feet" rehearsal process. We offer one-on-one coaching based on your unique schedule. See our products page for our private coaching options.

  • Will this work for oral arguments?

    Yes! Although this class is geared towards prepping opening statements, you can use this method on oral arguments and closing statements. The tools you’ll gain are exactly the same and will apply to any narrative.

  • What if I practice law in another country? Will it work for me?

    Absolutely! We've taught this course to attorneys in Canada and the UK. The techniques in this method will teach you how to present and engaging and emotionally connected narrative- no matter where you practice law.

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Over $38.1 Million in Awards Since 2022